About Me

Hello! I am Jake. I am currently pursuing undergraduate studies in Economics and Computer Science. I currently work part time doing software development work in Chattanooga.

I currently program professionally using a .NET, C#, Visual Studio, git, Silverlight, and related technologies. However, I love open source tools and have been a long time user of desktop Linux. While I love my Windows 8.1 tablet, my other machines are all running Linux or BSD. Even so, I’ve come to appreciate both platforms and feel comfortable in both. The languages I’m most familiar with are C#, Java, and Python, although I’m decently familiar with JavaScript and PHP as well.

I frequently write about theology here, so I want to make my beliefs clear. I am Christian who is Reformed and Presbyterian. I am a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and I affirm the original Westminster Standards as my confession of faith.

Please note that nothing contained here represents the views of my church, school, employer, or anyone besides me. In fact, they may not even represent my own views insofar as they are written in the past.

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